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Why Millennials Are Redefining the Term "Midlife Crisis"

Unveiling the millennial transformation and the redefined midlife crisis. Scorpio's influence and generational awakening are shaping a new path.

Scorpio astrology

As a generation, we are experiencing a great awakening to the illusions that was our society. The belief that obtaining degrees and working hard would secure us a house, marriage, and happiness is just one of many lies we’ve been conditioned to believe. Realizing that society doesn't support the masses and recognizing the modern slave system marked my first personal dark night of the soul—a depression highlighting that I'm not broken, but the system is. This was my "quarter-life" crisis, or as I like to refer to, my first awakening. 

The house of cards that is today's society is collapsing, and our generation is falling with it. This isn't meant to make you feel powerless, so stay tuned for the conclusion of this article. If you’ve found this platform, chances are high you’ve experienced one or more "dark nights of the soul." We’re unveiling new truths while building a new vision—a dark yet fertile beginning. While boomers might have hit a brick wall at 50, we’ve had practice with crises well before middle age.

When I asked myself why, I started looking at our shared generational planetary alignments. Millennials (1983-1995) share their shadow planet, Pluto in Scorpio, its home sign. The furthest and therefore darkest planet from Earth’s perspective, Pluto represents the shadow side. Scorpio, the sign embodying darkness, transformation, and rebirth, is comfortable in Pluto, its ruling planet. Despite societal taboos and the denial of "death," it is a huge (unconscious) topic for us millennials. The death of a conditioned dream, the death of the illusion of control. Or even the monthly life and death cycle we women go through, often talked about here at The Tiny Muse.

Pluto astrology

The transformations our generation is undergoing are unprecedented within a single lifetime. While boomers might have faced one midlife crisis, we are destined to experience multiple. However, with Scorpio, the sign of rebirth, transformation, and mystery guiding us, we have the tools to navigate these challenges.

With each individual transformation, our persistence is tested, our consciousness grows, and inevitable change rises. We’re not just reinventing ourselves again and again, we’re also saying goodbye to the many past versions we identified with. We as a collective are currently living through the collapse of society as we know it, unable to see the future clearly. This is the great unknown, the death phase, but also the fertile beginning of a new way of living, occurring faster than ever in human history.

Some traits of Pluto in Scorpio include:

- A drive to unveil the truth using intuition.

- Obsessive tendencies, requiring time for meditation.

- Intense passion.

- Seeking new experiences to support growth.

- The need for self-reflection to integrate experiences.

- Two major areas for this generation to rebuild are sex and power.

So if yet another crisis is knocking on your door and you’re not feeling ready for yet another 180 spin to your life, you’re not alone. You’re generational toolbox is ready for it’s annual update. Time to get curious and find new ways to go through these changes with compassion. Transforming at this phase is unknown and admirable, so find pride in that together with the knowing you’re doing it with a whole generation. 


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