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#1: The Immense Power of Self-love

Tiny act's of self-love

Mind body and soul

One of the most valuable lessons I've learned since becoming a mother is that the love you can give depends on the self-love you genuinely possess. Initially, it felt like an impossible task, especially in those early days of motherhood when the baby's reliance on you is overwhelming. The first year is a whirlwind of responsibility, making it easy to lose yourself in the 24/7 care for your little one. Finding a healthy balance takes time, trust, and introspection, placing yourself back in a position of importance.

After a year and a half of chronic sleep deprivation, I discovered that continually sacrificing yourself isn't courageous. It's a depletion closely tied to your child's well-being. Though the balance between motherhood and personal time is now more stable, it still fluctuates. If you've ever been sick while caring for your child(ren), you understand the Champions League of parenthood – caring for them from an empty cup is unsustainable. Prioritizing self-love has been a crucial step for me to maximize my potential, influencing all the roles I fulfill in daily life.

My mother's wise words, cherished during the newborn phase, resonate:

"In any other relationship where you're constantly giving without receiving, we'd label it toxic. The mother-child relationship, however, is here to teach us something important – the immense power of love."

Perhaps you've pondered: How can I care for myself, my child, my partner, pursue a career, and maintain a social life? The answer is, you can, but not all the plates will stay airborne simultaneously. Grounded in self-love, you can keep a few spinning at once, and without it, none will stay afloat. Self-love takes various forms, each with a unique meaning for everyone. Personally, I categorize it into mind, body, and soul, acting as my compass during times of imbalance. In this column, "Tiny Acts of Self-Love," I'll share my rituals for mind, body, and soul, seeking inspiration from tools women across generations use to keep these proverbial plates in the air.

Self Love

The current trend in self-development is the power of manifestation. While countless techniques and experienced coaches claim to hold the key to success, I won't offer you that key. I believe it's unique to you, perfectly attuned to your essence. I do, however, believe in the law of attraction. When you can give yourself love, acceptance, compassion, and worth, this law automatically works in your favor.

Manifestation through self-love, for me, is creating an external reality stemming from the inner relationship I have with myself. It sounds sweet, but it's also raw and confronting, helping heal by removing old band-aids from wounds. No shortcuts or promises, just inspiration to explore your own universe – an infinite, yet familiar, abyss.

"Those who don’t believe in magic, will never find it" - Roald Dahl

I observe many of us searching for the lost magic of our childhood as we age. On this journey back to the liberation of that magic lie unconscious obstacles, conquerable with the right tools. Some dragons need slaying, but as they say, no friction, no shine. Growing up is a natural part of life, teaching us to recognize the unconscious patterns we bring along. Self-love is listening to the tiny voice within, attempting to break free from the constraints of the pressure of adulthood. It means accepting and studying our past, consciously choosing to enjoy the present, and confidently dreaming of the future.

How will you manifest more self-love this year? Follow this column and discover how, through "Tiny Acts of Self-Love," you can become your own muse and the creator of your reality.


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