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Introducing The Lunar Cycle

Updated: Mar 10

The Tiny Muse interviewed Georgia Takacs as an introduction to her upcoming column about the "New Moon Musings". We talked about the cycles of life, the archetypes, and working with the cosmic forecast as a woman.

Full moon 2024 new moon cycles

The new moon - The deep unknown

As an introduction to her coming column “The New Moons”, Georgia Takacs guides us through the lunar cycles; a journey through life and death we all, and especially women, go through again and again in all areas of our lives. There is a certain fear and patriarchal view on the ways we view life but even more death. You can see it in the way we celebrate life yet hold deep rooted stagnant trauma towards death in our modern day perception of the cycle of life. We celebrate life, but poorly acknowledge death being the fertile grounds of this precious life. 

The cycles hold several phases, metaphorically portraying all seasons, chapters, beginning and endings in our collective and personal lives. In amongst today’s black and white view of things, the cycles bring back nuances and when working with them, creating room for a deeply rooted trust. We have been stripped from ancient ceremonial wisdom for many generations; people who worked with the energies of the spirit and the world. The moon being an archetypical cycle that many ancestors tapped into for better alignment with the currents life sends our way.

There is a beautiful synergy between the blueprint of the female and the lunar cycle. The moon being a feminine energy who flows so effortlessly intertwined with our own female cycle of births and deaths has undeniable teachings of our own flow of life.

The moon cycles visibly illustrate their effect on the planet with the ever changing tides. Thinking about our bodies carrying 65% of its weight in water, there is a direct link between us and the moon. The element of water (being a feminine energy) rules our emotions and the depths of our souls.

We as women, like the moon, move through our energy levels in highs, lows and everything in between. Modern day society is based on a constant and monotone production level which is biologically based on the male biology. This makes it difficult for women to surrender to the cycles we all go through monthly. Ignoring these cycles can potentially create a multitude of cycle illnesses like PMS etc. 

A close up on death


“The Fertile Ground of Bewilderment,” 

Georgia quotes: Charles Eisenstein an American public speaker, teacher and author.

The balsamic phase (dark phase) of the moon is when there is no moonlight (reflected sunlight) as the moon sits in perfect alignment with the sun from our Earth's perspective. All planets orbit in cycles but understanding the significance of the moon’s orbit gives us an instant wider knowledge of all planetary cycles. It’s the seasons of our lives that are connected with everything in the cosmos. Season wise, we are now in winter. Death happened during autumn and now we are fully in the darkness. Which might sound scary but only if you’re not aware of the magic taking place, invisible still to our eyes, under the ground. The seeds preparing for the next phase being spring when they take back the stage again. Accepting, trusting and surrendering to this monthly death of the moon, of our female cycle, creates space for the new. That is why Georgia chose the mo(o)mthly New Moon as the focus for her upcoming column. There is a beautiful invitation for us women to use the New Moon as a way to navigate through our own being. 


Our global ancestors often perfectly aligned their ceremonies with the phases of the moon; the New Moon holding ample potential and being a potent time to go within and connect with ourselves on a deep level. The primary intention of the soul’s incarnation being evolution; growing with every life and death cycle. The secondary intention being to bring consciousness and awareness into our life’s experiences.The word ceremony can sound very solemn, but it’s as simple as honouring where you are in life. It’s accepting both polarities.

“The new moon being a dark yin energy invites us to practice surrendering into the unknown”

In astrology, the Moon is known as the ruler of Cancer, a water sign. The water body type of Cancer being a river that flows powerfully. When denying the power it holds over us, we ultimately give it the power to break us with its natural force. The coming column will include some rituals that hopefully inspire to make them your own. There is a misconception that you need to be spiritually knowledgable to do your own ceremonies in honorering yourself. We are all spiritual beings having a human experience. Part of this experience is remembering who we are through connecting with our spirit. Which looks ever so unique for each and everyone of us. 

The Cycles of Life

The 2024 new moon’s summary so far..


Activating the inner Elder

The first moon occurred on the 11th of January in the sign of Capricorn. Being the elder of the zodiac, Capricorn brings a sense of responsibility to the way we view our lives right now. Still reflecting back on the past year, not taking big steps outwards yet, but rather reviewing our past to see which steps to take towards our goals for the year. This new moon set us in an in-between energy. In the background, Pluto – the planet of transformation – is soon-to-be leaving Capricorn for the rest of our lifetimes, after being there for 15 years. This is the last Capricorn New Moon with Pluto in the same sign before it enters Aquarius. We are moving from a more individual point of view towards a more collective, humanitarian view.


Expect the unexpected

The second new moon occurs on the 9th of February in the sign of Aquarius. Yet another incredible potent New Moon for breaking through the glass of old beliefs. Many view this moment as the kickstarter of the age of Aquarius, with Pluto already stationed there and now the New Moon joining. Aquarius is the sign of rebellion and innovation and therefore this new moon has an electric and disruptive feel to it. It sends shockwaves through the norm, the old, the status quo and the already-built systems. Is that still working for you? Maybe not.

Aquarius prays at the feet of progression and of humanitarianism and for the possibilities where our shared future could go. It's willing to question everything. Aquarius is the mad professor of the lab, the unique genius of our soul. Uranus corresponds to the Aquarius and the third eye. So this is the awakening of the 5D level, we're thinking multi dimensional, inter dimensional. We're rising above all the drama and using the birds-eye-view of this sign to see the wider perspective and connect the dots.

This is a New Moon to consider where you desire to really revolutionise human life itself. On a personal level and in your community. Be prepared to stand out and trust in the inner genius, weird one. Even if this means we might shock our inner circle. Be true to yourself at your core. There's a soul’s calling here and it's a call towards liberation, true freedom of the self. If you're not following your true calling there might be a lot of suppressed anger. This is the moment to break free.

Liberate yourself. Are you alive and are you free? Get free.

Working with the cycles and seasons inside and out can help us flow with life instead of swimming against the current. Especially for women, who's blueprint isn't as represented in modern society. It can give a better understanding of our own energetic compass, that is, like all things in life, ever so connected to the collective and the oneness with life.

Follow The Tiny Columns for Georgia's "New Moon Musings" column soon.

Moon artwork by Amber de Vreng.


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