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Starry Insights: Navigating Parenthood through Astrology

Discovering a Unique Path of Conscious Parenting by Understanding Your Child's Cosmic Blueprint.

Mother and child

Exploring the world through your child's eyes is an enlightening journey, one that sometimes challenges our own beliefs that are deeply and unconsciously ingrained. Children offer a fresh perspective, nudging us to reconsider what we thought we knew. Despite sharing DNA, finding common ground isn't always a given fact for all. For me, conscious parenting has been as much about my own healing as it is about nurturing my son.

Astrology has become a profound tool in understanding both my own blueprint and that of my child. By delving into astrological signs and their dynamics, I've found insights into our needs, struggles, and unique gifts. Understanding my son's astrological chart has fundamentally shifted how I approach parenting, making it easier to connect with and support him. We tend to approach parenting from our own needs, perspectives (and unconscious wounds). The birth chart of my son has helped me challenge this auto pilot parent trap and helped to decipher his unique wants and needs.

Astrology suggests that children come into the world with encoded traits, gradually unveiling themselves as they grow. Often, those who stand to benefit most from astrological insights are parents of children who might be deemed "difficult" by societal norms. During my graduation year as a pedagogical student in a special needs school I've learned that labeling a child as difficult often stems from a lack of understanding rather than any inherent flaw. Each child's journey is unique and worthy of embrace.

Navigating the zodiac wheel, deciphering its metaphors, and tuning into the energies at play have been invaluable in understanding my own inner conflicts and those closest to me. If the vast amount of astrological information feels overwhelming, I recommend starting with understanding the basics like the sun, moon, and rising signs.

When it comes to children, many astrology resources often focus on the moon sign, as it tends to be more prominent in revealing unfiltered emotions.

If you're curious to explore astrology's insights into your child's worldview, I suggest beginning with your own birth chart and then exploring tools like birth chart calculators and books on children and astrology. Here's a favorite free birth chart calculator to get started, along with three recommended books for deeper exploration.

Find your Birth Chart reading here.

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