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New Moon Musings

Monthly column by Evolutionary Astrologer Georgia Takacs

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New Moon in Pisces

A new lunar cycle is upon us, and this time we are stepping into the ethereal waters of Pisces.  

We are already well into Pisces Season, a time of year defined by reflection, imagination and vulnerability, and this joining of the Moon with the Sun today at 10am CET will surely deepen us into this annual Piscean initiation.


This new 28 day cycle - or mo(o)nth - will be categorised by the Piscean themes of oneness, transcendence and healing. 

Pisces is the final sign of the zodiac, arguably the culmination and combination of all other signs; it is where we descend / dissolve back into the infinite oneness of all that is – the great ocean from which we came, and to which we will all return. It is what connects us all, and holds us with unconditional love, whether we have forgotten or not. 

A mo(o)nth defined by this energy will surely offer opportunities to reconnect to our spiritual Home, that ultimately lies within. 

And in order to reach these ineffable truths, this still and serene understanding, we are often put through initiations of dissolving and disillusionment that can be quite painful and even outright chaotic... the Piscean waters can often rush over us like a tidal wave, clearing that which lies in their path, so that we can see and remember what really matters, and let go of what energetically stifles and blinds us to our true nature. 

Can you feel the calling Home?

The veil is thinner now, the connection between heaven and Earth more palpable… and it’s a vulnerable moment, but one we must open our hearts to and be brave enough to step into – and not venture into escapism (which is easy to do when it comes to Pisces!)

Zodiac sign pisces

This Pisces New Moon is a beautiful time to initiate a creative or imaginative project, to connect or reconnect with someone romantically, to share your dreams and ideas with others… and to even take tangible steps toward making our loftiest dreams a reality, as solid Saturn - the planet of structure and discipline - is still transiting Pisces. 

It’s also a time to practice empathy, take a compassionate approach and perhaps let some things go and move into forgiveness. 

Such are the cleansing waters of oceanic Pisces... and as uncertain as it may feel, try to surrender and embrace the waves, dear friends.


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