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Getting Serious About Fun

Why embracing the paradox of seriousness and fun has been the cornerstone of my journey toward self-love. 

authentic self love

In the past two years, amidst uncertainties and transformations, I've learned to reinvent myself by befriending aspects of me long neglected. Through deep self-reflection, I've realized that shadows dissipate only when we invite in the light of playfulness and inspiration.

Approaching thirty felt like shedding old, unconscious layers, making space for hobbies, dreams, and the play my inner child craved. Despite the whirlwind of obligations, especially as a single parent, I've learned the value of carving out moments for fun. My son's infectious joy reminded me of the importance of finding wonder in the mundane.

Starting an online belly dance class unleashed waves of laughter I hadn't felt in ages—a reminder of the pure joy found in embracing my quirks and imperfections.

During moments of stress, I've turned to simple pleasures—a dance in front of the mirror, concocting homemade bath blends, or embarking on a solo mushroom journey for introspection. These acts of self-care have deepened my connection with myself, fostering a renewed sense of friendship.

The serious side of play as an adult comes in when we need to prioritize our playfulness as an important part of our self love journey. The inner critic thrives in seriousness, amplifying stress and drowning out our authentic selves. Amidst life's rat race, it's crucial to reclaim our childlike purity, resisting the urge to be consumed by the demands of adulthood.

“The first half of life is learning to be an adult-the second half is learning to be a child.”

So as an act of rebellion against the machine, go outside and dance in the rain. Collect feathers, rocks and shells on your daily walks. Paint like there is no tomorrow. Sing under the shower and break those windows if you must. Plant the seeds of creativity and let inspiration flood your playful existence. Break free from the serious shackles of existence by playfully being your most authentic self. 

Photography Georgina Abreu Art Direction Novembrè


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